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Optimist Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (Fiduciary at all Times) providing Institutional Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Financial Consulting, Investment Counseling & Advice, as well as Teaching and Research.
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Temporary Relief?

An expected relief rally of “unknown duration and potency” did finally commence this past week. This rally does not appear to be complete and may linger for several days before encountering any meaningful resistance. Read More "Temporary Relief?"

Slow Moving Bear

THE BOTTOM LINE A failed “phony” bounce this past week resulted in new intraday S&P-500 and S&P-500 eMini futures contract lows at 3810 and 3807,... Read More "Slow Moving Bear"

Hibernation Over?

THE BOTTOM LINE Investors should expect an attempt to rally prices higher in the days ahead, but alas this rally is likely doomed to fail... Read More "Hibernation Over?"

Easter in a Changing World

THE BOTTOM LINE Denial is not a river in Egypt, but it is a very human response to a change in the status quo, particularly... Read More "Easter in a Changing World"